Welcome to the Honorary Justices’ Association of Tasmania website. During your tour of the website you will learn about the rich history of the Association which has grown over a period of time. You will also notice that the Honorary Justices’ Association of Tasmania has strong links with the Tasmanian Department of Justice and the greater northern community through the services that it provides.

Since its inception, the Honorary Justices’ Association of Tasmania has enjoyed a great deal of success in its endeavours to support and educate its members and the development of this website is another useful tool.

As this site contains important assistance type material for all of the Associations stakeholders including its members and due to the fact that the pages will be updated on a regular basis, we do encourage you visit our site frequently to stay informed.

The Department of Justice has just launched the new Handbook for Justices of the Peace in Tasmania. You can find it here on our website.

In conjunction with the launch, the Department has created a new “Resources for Justices of the Peace” page on their website as part of a complete redevelopment of the site over time.